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  Welcome to my home page!! I hope you have a good time crusing through the various goodies I have here. I've done my best to make this an informative and interesting place to visit.  Some pages may take a little longer to load, but are worth waiting for. And don't worry if you don't see everything the first time. This page is always under construction. Please check out What's New page first as to know the newest contents once in a while and you'll find the page renewed.  You maybe go serching for the links to your favorite pages from link page.  You've welcome back anytime!!

  I guess I should introduce myself. As you already know, my name is Yoshihiko Sugihara and I'm now a fourth year at Waseda University School of Science and Engneering.  I'm majoring in Physics and a member of Aizawa Group  which researches non-linear, non-equikibrium mechanics, foundamental studies on Ergodic theory, dissipative structure, chaos, fractal and pattern formation. As you expect from the page name 'Brain@Y.S.' and reading research page, I'm thinking of going into the field to research the mechanism of vertebrate brains in my future. If you want to know the detail of my current research, please read my research page.

   I was born in Takayama city in Gifu-prefecture, Japan and soon moved to Gifu city where I grew up. I lived there until I moved to Tokyo to go to university in 1996. Now I live by myself apart from my family members who live in Gifu city.  One of my family member Jun, my younger brother has his own home page too. You're welcome to visit his website.  Gifu is beautiful city with small mountain Mt.Kinka and along its feet streams river.Nagara, one of the most beautiful river in Japan. Here Tokyo is very exciting city and there're a lot of interesting places to visit. I really are enjoying living here. But there're too many people and we always have to wait to eat or buy something. The estimated population including surburbs is about 30 million!

Some of my hobbies include traveling around the world, playing musical instruments, playing computer and thinking of the structure of brains. After entering the university, I traveled many countries during the summer and spring long vacation every year. Check out the travel page to see the detail. My areas of interests are neuroscience, statistical physics, theoretical brain functioning, physiology and celluar and molecular biology.

If you have any questions or comments,  please send e-mail to me at or

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